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In-depth Feature:  PropellerHeads Reason
Bruno writes: .

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NN19 Digital Sample Playback
This operates in a very similar way to an AKAI S1000 - you can assign samples to different keygroups then process them through the NN19's filters and envelopes. The sound quality is excellent but the addition of a Low Bandwidth mode will give an instant lo-fi quality to even the cleanest of sounds.

Dr. REX Loop Player
Dr. Rex plays REX files created using RECYCLE. By slicing a loop and making seperate samples of each element it is possible to alter the tempo whilst retaining the original pitch - then you can change each beat as if it were an individual sample. Once you have your Rex file in Dr.Rex, you can alter the pitch, level, decay and pan of each beat as well as use the filter, envelope and LFO to effect the loop as a whole. In use it's so good you really no longer need an external sampler drums and percussion loops.

Matrix Pattern Sequencer
The Matrix module is a standalone pattern sequencer. It has between 1 and 32 steps with CV and GATE output for controlling other devices; you can use this for just about anything, such as sequencing a synth to play patterns, controlling filter or envelope changes in time with the track. Again, there are 32 pattern banks and a pattern change lane on the main sequencer.

REASON features eight different processing modules:-

  • RV 7 - Digital Reverb
  • DDL -Digital Delay Line D11 - Foldback Distortion
  • ECF42 - Envelope controlled filter
  • CF101 -Chorus/Flanger
  • PH90 - Phaser
  • COMP01 - Compressor
  • PEQ2 - 2 Band Parametric EQ

    All these modules have great sound quality and easy-to-use interfaces, and the addition of CV controller inputs on the back allow some very creative use of FX not normally possible.

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