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In-depth Feature:  PropellerHeads Reason
Bruno writes: .

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The Sequencer should be instantly familiar to anyone used to a linear real-time package, although there is more than a passing resemblance to Cubase in the zoom and transport controls.

More shortcut key commands and an option to modify these would make for a better product, as certain actions can take a lot of mouse clicks.

The Sequencer has windows relevant to the different modules; a Drum editor for the drum machine with a separate lane for pattern change, and a very good slice editor for the Rex file player which retains the groove of the original loop when you move slices around (if you wish to quantize, that is available too).

The Sampler and Synth have a traditional piano roll editor, and all module have lanes for velocity and midi control - every knob and fader within REASON can be automated in real-time and edited via the sequencer.

My only complaint with the sequencer is that it uses just 2/3rds of your screen width (as Rebirth did) An option to expand to full screen would allow easier programming - if you use high screen resolutions it can be rather fiddly.

The Redrum drum computer has ten drum channels into which you can load any WAV or AIFF file - each channel has level, pitch, decay and pan controls - level and tone can be altered via velocity.

The built-in pattern sequencer is a classic 16-step style with three levels of velocity, flam and shuffle features and a memory to store 32 patterns. You can send patterns to a sequencer track for extra editing.

The Subtractor is a classic analog-style polyphonic synth (up to 99 notes). It features 2 oscillators, 2 filters, 2 LFOs, 3 envelopes (mod, filter and amp) and a noise generator, allowing easy creation of basses, leads and complex pads.

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