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In-depth Feature:  PropellerHeads Reason
Bruno writes: .

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The installation process, although well explained in the ‘Getting Started’ manual did not go as smoothly as suggested; on both a PC and a Mac the option to install the factory sound bank (supplied on a second CD) caused the installer to hang, and although the soundbank was present on my computer, REASON still prompted for it on first startup, although I assume this is a security feature.

In use REASON is intuitive and simple to understand - you create a module and it's automatically patched in the most logical way to the internal mixer, a sequencer channel is created and with a click of the mouse midi is assigned.

You have the option to repatch in any way you choose by using the virtual patch cords on the rear of the rack. An option to hide cables makes this area clearer to see, although a useful addition might be to hide cables except for those connected to the currently-selected device.

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