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In-depth Feature:  Beatnik Mixman StudioPro 4.0
Remixing Software
Nigel Lord writes: .

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Wrapping up
Where Mixman really seems to have gained from its association with Beatnik is in its level of web interactivity. In addition to receiving five free Mixman singles after registering on line, directing your browser to opens up all kinds of possibilities and makes you feel part of the wider Mixman community. My Mixzone is a really neat feature which, providing it gets the support it deserves, should help raise MixmanÌs profile significantly.

Though I miss the slightly experimental, seat-of-the-pants feel you get with certain other remix applications, Mixman StudioPro more than makes up for this in the sheer power of its interfacing and its advanced features. Without taking you too deeply into sequencer country (and everything that implies in terms of linear working methods), StudioPro 4.0 provides both PC and Mac users with the tools they need to create genuinely inspirational music both live and in the studio.

I still reckon it's time Thomas Dolby returned to the UK and reminded us of what technology can sound like in the right hands. Till then I'm happy to sit creating my own music using StudioPro.

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