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In-depth Feature:  Beatnik Mixman StudioPro 4.0
Remixing Software
Create genuinely inspirational music both live and in the studio.
Nigel Lord writes: .

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Listening again to such perfectly honed slices of electro-pop product as Windpower and One Of Our Submarines Is Missing, it's difficult to forgive Thomas Dolby for abandoning his career as musician and songwriter for that of Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Difficult, but not impossible... Spend a couple of hours tinkering around with one of the electro-pop products he's currently associated with - Mixman StudioPro - and it becomes clear his time on the West Coast hasn't been ill-spent.

Thomas Dolby Robertson, you see, is the man behind web audio solutions provider, Beatnik Inc. And (following a recent merger), Beatnik Inc is the company behind Mixman. StudioPro is one of a range of applications (along with DJ Megamix and Mixman Studio) built round the Mixman engine which allows you to combine individual sound elements and remix them in real time.

In this latest version of the software, you're given a suite of tools to work with which together can take you from music creation through to uploading mixes onto the Net. To this end, Mixman operates its own web radio station where music can be submitted for broadcasting. Alternatively, using the specially created 'My Mixzone' web space, you can custom build your own homepage and offer sound √étemplates√Ć for others to remix.

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