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In-depth Feature:  Inside Synthesis
The DX-7 can be your friend
William H writes: .

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    MP4 8:16 mins
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This week's episode provides an introduction to FM Synthesis. Most modern virtual analog synthesizers provide at least two operator FM (one modulator and one carrier), including the Access Virus, Alesis ION, Korg Prophecy, Nord Lead and Modular Series, Novation Supernova, and many more.

Some discussion of ratios is included in the video. When using a virtual analog, you probably won't have an option to set ratios between modulator and carrier. Instead, you'll set the pitch of the modulator by adjusting its pitch setting. The PDF file below has a convenient table for this.

If that sounds at all like gibberish, it won't after you watch the video.

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  • PDF with extra information on ratios
  • William H @Blogspot

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