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In-depth Feature:  Sputnik Valve Mic
Sing into this and tell me what you think...
Shorn Rah writes: .

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    MP4 5:25 mins
Tovaritch, Ready For Lift-off?
When M-Audio first launched the Sputnik mic last year (2006), they were obviously very keen for people to hear it. The quality to price ratio was amazing - if you believed what the marketeers were telling us.

Although the packaging makes the product certainly very sexy: posh carry case, 7-pin cable, cradle and power supply, its really the mic that should do the talking. So we hooked up our intrepid Shorn Rah (sporting a broken shoulder) – himself a studio owner, plus talented singer songwriter Hollis Greene, to give the Sputnik their own inimitable test.

Patterns and numbers

    What you get
  • Valve multi-pattern mic
  • cradle
  • 7-pin cable (for signal and power)
  • mic bag
  • aluminium carry case


  • $699 RRP
  • £479
  • €649

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