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Yao    Said...

Nice review.

Just keep the stuff and dont tell nothing to Korg ! ;-)

04-Dec-07 02:51 AM

Bjarne D.    Said...

Thanks for a great review!

I'm looking forward to trying this. I bought the mini-KP after seeing the review with Shorn Rah and this has the same Sonicstate side effect!

05-Dec-07 07:00 AM

Phill Wilson    Said...

Good review, went and bough one this sunday, makes my bus journeys pure fun.

just a not though, the big top button does let you set the key from -c through middle c to +c in semitone steps. this in combination with the modes allows me to use this with my conventional guitar based loops and be able to solo like a demon and never hit a bum note.

05-Dec-07 07:41 AM

A.D.    Said...

Looks like a nice little device. I would like to try this one.

Regards A.D.

07-Dec-07 07:50 AM

Tangsonghe    Said...

Very nice device. Reminds me of my Roland D2, but is much cuter.

02-Jan-08 04:00 PM

Seagrey    Said...

Cool,but need midi.

06-Jan-08 12:38 AM

will    Said...

cool gotta get one cheap

29-Jan-08 05:37 PM

Baffled    Said...

Fun but... so this thing HAS to be the master that the band / drummer must follow. I'm trying to understand how you could actually USE it if there is no sync and no MIDI... How do you lock it up reliably with anything at all?

01-Feb-08 09:39 PM

Conor    Said...

sweeet buying one and putting it through my mini kp will be epic

07-Feb-08 03:55 AM

LP    Said...

Yeah, I love this thing! I've played it in bunch of different situations, and the answer to questions about sync are misguided: you just play it like an instrument, not like a sequencer. The response is so good physically that, although nice, MIDI might take some of the fun out of it, as it actually is respionsive to skill rather than programming. I love that instrumentality!

10-Feb-08 12:29 AM

gkibler    Said...

For those wanting to check out some of the sonic possibilities of the Kaossilator, I compiled an album’s worth of tunes recorded directly off the device’s output, no external editing or tweaking involved. Please check it out:

If you're interested in viewing some great Kaossilator live performances, there’s a few like this one from Ghostradioshow, showing some KO-1 skillz from Japan:

and of course - still plugging my album - a video of my live performance of the first track, “Arp A Type�. This is one of the few vids you’ll hear in stereo on YouTube:

16-Feb-08 04:08 PM

Jeff Jeff Jefftyjeff.    Said...

I just picked one up today, great fun! It's a great source of inspiration and as long as you accept it's limitations you can't go wrong for the price. Kind of a modern day Stylophone only way cooler. Rolf Harris would love it!

18-Feb-08 09:35 PM

Red Zircon    Said...

So dies it mean I can't save any of wha I might create?I assume you connect it ti audacity on the PC.

09-Mar-08 03:08 AM

DaYuri    Said...

You can overcome the sync issue by using a midi clock or putting the signal into a KP-3. The KP3 can solve nearly any problem.

Has anyone heard of a midi clock for computers? (I.e. mic into puter, computer calculates tempo and outputs midi signal to whattever)

16-Mar-08 10:09 AM

Zartoo    Said...

amazing little device of how technology has progressed but, i rather have my own musical knowledge and fingers do the work for me instead of a machine. in my opinion, its for noobs

28-Mar-08 11:37 AM

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03-Jul-09 11:01 PM

JJP    Said...

5/4 and polyrhithms on the Kaossilator? Yes it can!

btw: the kaossilator pro is comming and it has EVERYTHING we need ^^

09-Feb-10 08:07 PM

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