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In-depth Feature:  VSM Virtual String Machine
GForce enforce the Old School
Nick B writes: .

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    MP4 16:10 mins
Virtually Yours
Take a collection of hard to find and irreplaceable vintage string machines and polysynths. Now sample each note, loop and key map for every preset. Model the classic ensemble effects and a phaser, add a multi-band filter, envelopes and LFO - get a load of top names to create presets. Now we're getting close....

The Virtual String Machine is more than just a string sample library, the subtractive synthesis engine makes it a powerful, classic, synth with endless oscillator sources and a split/layer capability that allows you to take an in-depth class at the old school, or create any number of new and hybrid sounds.

GForce have a knack of releasing virtual instruments with staying power, and this one looks like another to add to their impressive collection. We spent an enjoyable virtual morning with GForce Software's Dave Spiers, who gave us a close look at just what the VSM can do...

  • recordings of 17 classic vintage string machines
  • layer and process any two sounds individually or together
  • 3,200+ samples in meticulous detail (2.5GB library)
  • fully programmable with 500+ presets
  • instant gratification, long-term flexibility
ARP Omni, ARP Quartet, Crumar Multiman, Elka Rhapsody, Eminent 310, Freeman String Symphonizer, Junost 21, Korg PE-2000, Logan String Melody, Oberheim OB-8, Oberheim Xpander, Moog Opus 3, Polymoog, Roland RS202, Solina, Yamaha SK-15, Yamaha SS-30

Formats Standalone, RTAS (Mac/PC), VST (Mac/PC) and AU (Mac)

Pricing $149.99 /129 EUROS

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