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In-depth Feature:  SonicLAB: M-Audio Xponent
Plenty for DJ fingers to do
Jay Disco writes: .

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   3:41 mins
Xponent Component
Anything with loads of lights on always seems to get the punters going and in the M-Audio Xponent, a hardware component of their TORQ DJ software system sure is purty. But it’s also more than eye candy. The Xponent brings the Torq software into it’s own by providing integrated hands-on action for the DJ. Beat matching, sample triggering, looping effects and the like are all there. Our very own DJ Jay Disco goes for a spin on the virtual wheels of steel, and gives the Xponent a once-over.

    M-Audio Xponent Facts n Figures
  • 4 RCA outputs for independent control of the house system and booth monitors
  • ¼â€� TRS headphone output with cue and volume controls
  • 16-bit/48kHz max sample rate
  • ASIO and Core Audio compatible
  • Includes with Torq
  • Pricing $749.95 /£459

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