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In-depth Feature:  Roland XV-5080
Roland XV-5080 Synthesis/Sample-playback module:
A worthy successor to the JV/XP synths?
There is hardly a poor sound to be found on this instrument... The crack sound design team at Roland has outdone itself.
David Hutchison writes: .

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The XV-5080 ($2,495 US list) is Roland's top-of-the-line synthesis/sample-playback module. Announced in February 2000 and finally released in early August, the module incorporates virtually all of Roland's cutting edge music technologies, including COSM acoustic modeling and an R-BUS digital output. (Only Roland's Variphrase technology seems to have missed the cut.) Recently, I took the XV-5080 for a test-drive. My burning question: Is the XV-5080 a worthy successor to Roland's aging JV/XP synthesizer line-up?

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