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In-depth Feature:  Tenori-On
Exclusive! Tenori-On A New Musical Instrument
It's not everyday a totally new instrument concept is released
Nick B writes: .

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Sound in Your Palm
When we were offered the Tenori-On to review , even though we could only hang on to it for a brief period, we jumped at the chance. After all, it's not everyday a totally new instrument concept is released, and certainly not by one of the largest corporate manufacturers. And the Tenori-On is something that has been eagerly anticipated by many.

Lets get a few things out of the way first though:
Tenori-On is currently only available in a few select record stores in the UK. This is basically the initial roll-out - the rest of the world will have to wait their turn.

Tenori-On is not a low-cost item and that has been one of the biggest conversation points since the price has been announced (£599 UK - $1200 ish).

Tenori-On will not replace your favourite workstation - it's more of a musical toy - and I say that with respect, as it is one that encourages you to actually make music.

The unit is actually made from magnesium polished by robot, not metalicized plastic as I originally thought.

The Tenori Story right now... (as of 10th Sept 07)
Now for additional details on the Tenori-On, please refer to our two-part session with Tenori-On developer Yu Nishibori, you can view the videos here.

So, how was it?
Watch the video and see......

UK only £599
Currently, it's sold out but there are more coming according to the website.

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