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In-depth Feature:  Behringer BCD3000
B-Control DeeJay
Can you rock da party too?
Jay Disco writes: .

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Sorry this is a flash video which has been depreciated, we're working on bringing the archives back online.

   7:17 mins
GO D.J !
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The way that software is dramatically changing the whole concept of D.J'ing is a wicked thing. Although vinyl to my ears is superior in warmth, love and feeling, tracking down those tunes or having to get a dub plate made every time you wanna drop a phatty is most chore-some. Now nu school D.J's are more like live producers being able to drop multiple formats, sample, loop, effect and basically create whatever in realtime.

Enter Jay Disco; Sonic State's resident D.J. A self proclaimed digital show off who can't mix on a set of decks to save his life. We got him into M-Audio's Torq last time we saw him, even though Ableton Live is his weapon of mass seduction.



Traktor LE

This time it's a new entry level USB controller from the overlords of budget gear Behringer. The BCD3000 ships with Traktor LE (you can upgrade to the full version for £100); a cut down version of Native Instruments merited D.J. software. Out of the box it's all set up to control Traktor but as with USB MIDI controllers you can control any MIDI based software. But it's an interface too... with ins and outs and all the stuff !!

Hey, so what's the deal ?
Well, with Traktor LE and the BCD3000 you can play, mix and scratch MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV and AIFF files.
It comes with iTunes and Beatport music store import and integration.
It's a 4-channel USB audio interface with 24-bit converters and "ultra-low" latency operation with XP and OS X.
2 phono pre-amps with monitor section.
2 jog wheels for controlling functions like scratching, pitch bending and searching.
3-band kill EQ, loop buttons, pitch/level faders and crossfader.
RCA line inputs.
XLR mic input.
Controls for play, cue, loop, pitch bend, search and others. So what are you waiting for ?
Jay Disco, Shorn Rah and a crew of colourful miss-haps get a groove on down at Studio Paranormal...but can the BCD3000 cut it ??

GBP: 172
USD: 300
EUR: 265

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