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In-depth Feature:  Korg Mini KP
Kaoss For Your Pocket
Korgs MINI KP is black and red - this is a job for Shorn Rah
Shorn Rah writes: .

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13:38 mins
Is that a KP in your pocket?

Click for a big one
Since it first appeared in 1999, the KAOSS PAD series has been enormously popular for its intuitive, touch-pad interface and its revolutionary effect programs. You've heard it on many tracks - even if you didnt know it. "Everything in it's right place" by Radiohead springs to mind.

As a performance tool it comes into it's own, and seeing Jonny Greenwood convulsing on stage with one or Matt Bellamy from Muse who has one embedded into his guitar is a breath taking experience sonically and visually. And now, the series is joined by its smallest member, the mini-KP.

While providing the same interface in which multiple parameters of the effect program are controlled by a single fingertip, the mini-KP brings the advantages of battery operation and mobility, making it an ideal choice for DJ club performances, home studio applications, as well as outdoor live events or for use with a portable audio player. Wherever you are, the mini-KP brings new possibilities to any music scene.

It's operation is fundamentally simple; there are two banks "A" and "B". "A" contains one hundred effects then you can store you favourite settings into the bank "B" including the effect depth and Hold on or off status.

You can tap or dial the tempo you require for syncing delays or LFO runs. On the power front, the 4x AA batteries (supplied) can last for up to Five hours, but you can also run it from a PSU, although you'll have to shell out for one - it doesn't come supplied.

Ins and outs are handled on RCA phono jacks only and you get a mini-jack headphone out with dedicated dial volume control. You can run it either in direct mode for inline situations, or send mode where you want to use it more as a traditional effect send return.

You also get a hold button for er, holding an effect in it's current state, plus some programs have a decay when you release your finger (or whatever you may be using to play the pad) which this decay can be switched on or off.

It's red and black so it's got a head start with me but is it any good ??

Pricing UKP Around £119 USD $249 seen for $199.95

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