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In-depth Feature:  Presonus Firebox
Presonus Firebox Revisited
Take a second look at this handy-size audio interface
Albert Potts writes: .

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Normally, Sonic State reviews brand new products that manufacturers dangle appetizingly in front of the public eye for the first time. Freshly baked, their delicious lists of new features dazzle the gear lust palette and cry out for attention, practically pulling customers’ wallets out of their pockets. However, some products have been on the market for some time but still deserve consideration and a fresh look.

The Presonus Firebox is such a device, in my opinion. I recently purchased a Firebox for use with my Mac laptop, needing a compact and affordable firewire audio interface to use for a live show. After much online research I ended up choosing the Firebox. However, in the course of that online research I came across a number of messageboard posts that gave me pause, as far as comments on compatibility and a few pieces of information that turned out to be factually incorrect. So I hope to provide a clear view of the Firebox and exactly what the complete package comes with.

Its all there to see

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