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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments B4
Bruno writes: .

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Stand Alone
Assuming you have OMS installed and a MIDI keyboard setup for input, you're ready to go. The appearance of the keyboard is fantastic so 10/10 here, especially for the swell pedal (lovely!). The System menu enables setup of Audio output port, I/O latency buffers and MIDI settings, but also features a master stop/start audio option (0 on numeric keypad). This is very useful when MIDI overruns occur as it stops the sound and resets MIDI.

The MIDI settings enable selection of the I/O device, and MIDI channel for the two keyboards and the pedalboard, although triggering all three from the same MIDI channel produces internal distortion when playing more than two notes at once. You can, however, use the Key Split menu to divide your MIDI device to control specific octaves of each keyboard. On a five-octave controller, assigning the pedals to the first octave then two octaves for each manual keyboard worked well and you can then transpose to get just the notes you require. But a second keyboard, plus a pedalboard foot controller (if you can track one down, would be better...)

Here you have two options. One is basically an overview of an actual Hammond and the other, a control section, shows controllers relating to percussive click, drive, and the rotary speaker (the key to the Hammond's distinctive sound), including mic balance and placement. The B4 has all the controls of the B3 but with some useful additions, most significantly an option to be velocity sensitive.

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