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In-depth Feature:  SONIC LAB: Digidesign Strike - Drums for 'Tools
This aint no beatbox!
Shorn Rah writes: .

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    MP4 23:33 mins
Hit Me Baby
Those boffins from A.I.R (Advanced Instrument Research), Digidesign's very own vertual instrument designers, bring you Strike.

This virtual drummer RTAS plug-in for Pro Tools brings unique and enlightened control as if working with a real drummer in a studio environment.

Strike uses real drum performances recorded and vectorized for playback.

There are 25 styles to choose from and 1500 preset patterns which can be edited in a simple edit page. Select a kit, set the mic placement and leakage, choose a room, and tell your drummer how to play as you adjust the intensity, complexity, timing, groove, dynamics and more - in real time. Cleverly the sounds are loaded into your RAM using around 150 meg, saving on UPU usage.

Strike main Screen

Strike style Screen

Strike Style edit Screen

Strike Mix Screen

In detail

The main page gives you control over the main features; which can be easily set to the knobs, sliders or wheels of your controller. These are playing dynamics, such as how the drummer hits the drum in respect to timing and variation in hit sound. You also have simple EQ and control over drive and attack. Also the tuning, timbre and how the snare, ride and hi-hats are hit.

However, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. By opening up the other pages the control and features get greater and greater as you tear into the guts of strike.

The style and kit pages are set up rather like a mixing console with faders for volume and various control knobs and left to right slider things.

The mix window is where you do your final mix. You have even more control over the mics, their placement and volume, even down to the buzz on the snare. You can add inline EQ's and an array of mind bending effects; from practical to outrageous.

AS mentioned before there is an edit window for editing the patterns with simple grid style schematics and classic tools like pen and eraser.

The only downside is there's not a full compliment of patterns (latin, other worldy types etc) - maybe this is something they intend to fix in a future update pack - while they're at it, we could do with a few more kits. But on the whole it gets a thumbs-up from me - shame they don't do any other formats...

Available as RTAS plug-in format only

299 USD

199 GBP

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    Specko    Said...

    thanks for the review. Shame RTAS only. have to stick to BFD or what have you...

    06-Jun-07 08:31 PM

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