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In-depth Feature:  SONIC LAB: TC Classic Stomp Effects
Something to jump on and kick around the stage
Shorn Rah writes: .

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    MP4 8:55 mins
You Put Your Foot On It
The very organized T.C Electronic announced the release at Winter NAMM 2007, and even started shipping three "old but new pedals" that form the un-dead Classic pedal range. They are; The Classic Booster and Distortion, XII Classic Phaser and The Classic Sustain and Parametric EQ.

Originally developed in the 70's "this reissued series is a tribute to the classic guitar pedals that started it all and paved the way for the TC Electronic of today."

Starting with the Classic Booster and Distortion these stomp boxes feature;

  • A fast and smooth noise gate -cut off/threshold controllable by a dial.
  • A switch between the Booster or Distortion.
  • Bass and Treble dials.
  • A dial for Distortion level.
  • A dial for Output level.
  • And of course, a foot switch.
If you are warming your sound up or driving your valves a little harder with the booster or turning everything up to "eleven". This pedal claims to be your main man.

The XII Classic Phaser has:

Dials, not only for LFO speed and width, but also a dial that sets the filter used; peak to the left, linear at 12 o'clock and notch to the right.
A three way switch so you can select a 4, 6, or 12 stage filter.
The obligatory foot switch.

Born to be trippy this wide ranging phaser can be used in a multitude of ways.

The Classic Sustain and Parametric EQ delivers:

  • A dial for sustain amount this compressor goes from subtle to extreme and apparently "prolongs the life of even your weakest tone otherwise destined for premature death." (Wicked quote from the T.C. website !! Give the writer a pay rise.)
  • It has a noise gate controllable by a small knob.
  • A dial for Frequency centre.
  • A high Q switch.
  • The same filter dial as the phaser so you can select between notch and peak filter and all the settings between through linear.
  • An output level dial.
  • Oh yeah, a foot switch.
Transparent EQ that I instantly turned into a wah-wah, but i don't much fancy lying on the floor, in black, on stage twiddling one of these will Dave's going nuts ! Not part of my job description.

Not owning a guitar anorak myself, I popped down the road to David Carlyon's bedroom studio to let him have a go. This guy really knows his stuff and owns an extensive collection of guitar anoraks from the cheeky little electro cut-off silver number through to the full length 60's purple padded gown.

David Carlyon Most noted for his singer/songwriting skills in Oedipus. David is now a fully fledged producer in his own right. He has quickly gained a huge reputation as an underground producer/composer/arranger. He now plays [not just guitar] and sings in future pop sensation "Stagger" alongside Oedipus drummer Snake, Angel on guitar and vocals, and Morris on bass. After months locked away in a room at Peter Gabriel's Real World complex they start recording what could be a debut L.P. at Studio Paranormal over the next few weeks.

I gave Dave the pedals a week or so before shooting the review and had received an excited phone call about them in the time between. Dave slaps on some glam,straps on a Les Paul and starts stomping !!

These pedals cost quite some are they worth the expense ?

Retailing at a not insignificant
230 GBP
300 USD
300 EUR
All priced the same.

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    bentropy    Said...

    Very entertaining and not uninformative. Shawn, quit cutting david off (less stimulants?); his observations are of interest. You guys could make some hi-res audio demos, 'cuz the video's sound doesn't capture the putative quality of these thingies.

    Dunno about these TCs, moogerfoogers are similar prices and real analog. The advantage of digital is that they should be able to offer a number of very different kinds of sounds/fx, no?

    24-Mar-07 11:24 AM

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