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In-depth Feature:  SONIC LAB: TC Electronic C300 and M350
They are budget units, do they sound big?
Shorn Rah writes: .

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    MP4 11:8 mins
It's got brains !!
Seen for the first time at MESSE 06 and now in the shops, the TC Electronic C300 Compressor, limiter, noise gate and the M350 multi-effects and reverb are both dual engine, 1U rack processors. The aim being to supply very affordable and simple to use, high-end processing.

A perfect pair? (click to enlarge)
The M350 combines 15 brand-new TC-quality reverbs with 15 multi-purpose effects including delay, modulation and compression, suited for live, install, and studio applications. On the effects side we have; two types of compression, a number of delays, which can be MIDI synced or can be set using the tap button, two types of chorus, flanger and two phasers. On the reverb side we have; two halls, one cathedral, drum ambience, two rooms as well as a choice selection of plates and springs, and nearfield. The knobs control; Input gain, which is displayed on LED's. Mix ratio, and balance between the FX engine and the reverb engine.

There are buttons to select by-pass and Digital Input. On the FX side the two knobs control; delay/timing or *amount/drive and feedback/depth or *frequency/ratio. (* when set to, comp/de-ess.) On the reverb side you have knobs for pre-delay, decay and color filter.

There is a numeric LCD display to see and select your user or preset location and MIDI channel. On the back there is a switch to select routing either serial or parallel. 1/4" jack inputs and outputs. S/PDIF (RCA phono) I/O's 24 bit, and MIDI in and out. The software AU/VST editor should be available soon from TC Electronics web site.

The C300 features two identical engines that can be used in serial or parallel routings. These engines can be switched between compressor/limiter and gate/expander modes. Each have 16 presets for both modes and also include de-ess, hiss, and hum settings. You simply select the type of sound you are processing and the unit goes to work, behind the scenes applying various forms of compression, limiting, gating and expanding. You then have control, with the dials, of threshold, ratio, make-up or release in gate/expand mode, and dry/wet mix. Like the M350 it has the same in's and out's digital and analog, and MIDI I/O's for software upgrades. Unlike the M350 the routing switch is on the front.

Tested Together.
It made sense to me to test these units together, applying the treatment of both units on one sound source. I made some room in my rack, plugged the C300 as inserts into my desk and the M350 on the sends. Got Sam round to wobble the camera, took a deep breath and with a very silly voice I released my breaks and some things not as exciting into the land of TC Electronic !!

WARNING: This video contains major silliness, mild swearing, bad jokes and frantic arm waving.

M350 costs about £159/ €216/ $199. C300 £186/ €270/ $199.

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    Liveguy    Said...

    So do you think these units would be good for live work?

    I guess the tap tempo would be v handy

    04-Oct-06 06:34 AM

    pedant    Said...

    Course they will!. D'oh didnt you watch the whole thing?

    He said...

    04-Oct-06 05:32 PM

    close    Said...

    No idea what you were talking about, but a great performance indeed.

    03-Nov-06 11:37 AM


    Great review. Very entertaining and informative. You've convinced me. I'm geting one. It may be a form of hypnosis, but I love it. Thanks, Folk

    03-Nov-08 10:05 AM

    seb    Said...

    whats up guys... I'm using the m350 live for vocals reverbs and delays... but its giving me a buzzing noise and some times the sound guy has to mute me when I'm not singing!!! does somebody knows how can I fix this?

    20-Nov-09 11:12 PM

    just me    Said...

    Post fade your aux and use ground lifts,trs cables and a power conditioner.

    13-Dec-09 07:23 PM

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