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In-depth Feature:  SONIC LAB: Arturia Analog Factory
2000 legendary sounds from Arturia's Classic synth range in a groovy module.
Shorn Rah writes: .

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8:15 mins
Analog Frenzy
New from Arturia comes Analog Factory - a versatile virtual instrument featuring 2000 sounds from their awarding winning, TAE® powered Classic Synth range. Namely the MiniMoog V, Moog Modular V, CS-80 V, Prophet V and VS, and the Arp 2600 V.

I always wanted to own a factory

These presets are organized into quick to access categories; Instruments, Type of sound (bass, pads, leads...etc) and the Characteristics (ambient, hard, digital... etc ) The sounds are viewed by the preset name and instrument it's type, CPU usage and favourites.

Its worth pointing out that the thing that set this apart from your average preset machine is that the engine used for each patch is different depending on the synth it is modeled on.

The simple editing controls are; Filter cut-off, Resonance, LFO rate and amount, Four "key" parameters, Chorus FX mix, Delay and ADSR. Cleverly the type of filter, the four key parameters and even the way the ADSR works is not the same for each sound. Snapshots can be taken and then stored in 8 available banks for super quick reference/ comparison.

Analog Factory works with P.C. and Mac (including Intel powered) It can be used as a Standalone unit (ASIO˙, Direct Sound˙, Core Audio˙) VST®, Audio Units˙, RTAS˙ (ProTools 6 and 7)

Analog Factory is available now at $249/ £149/ •199 inc. VAT

But is it any good ??
mmmm, now let me see.....

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    Synthesized1    Said...

    Good, yes. Great ?? Well, For what I paid for it (GC instant rebate I think of $70) it is worth the price. The sounds are quite good. There are some anoyances though. Working with this awesome sounding 2600 arpegio that works perfectly in a composition I am working on. There is this envelope that will not release the note after holding the key down for the arpegio to evolve with the envelope. Because of the limited editting capabilities, I can not get this situation to go away. This kills me. For now, I have pulled this patch out of my mix. Sonically it is as good as ather Arturia synths I've heard. If you need to alter the patches, don't settle for Analog factory. Buy the bigger brothers.

    26-Jun-07 11:25 AM

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