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Klon And Dumble Sounds In One Pedal
Crazy Tube Circuits release the Unobtanium Dual Overdrive

06-Dec-22    full story...

Stompbox Based On The First Digital Delays
Crazy Tube Circuits Releases TI:ME

25-Jun-21    full story...

Analog Phaser Pedal With Vintage Voicings
Crazy Tube Circuits Cyclone aims to emulate some classic designs from the 70s and 90s

04-Nov-19    full story...

Splash Reverb Pedal Loved By Guitar And Synth Nerds Given A Major Facelift
A new stereo version of the Crazy Tube Circuits Splash also has expression input

16-Jan-17    full story...

  Crazy Tube Circuits Splash 3 Reverb Pedal
Analog and digital circuit verb

28-Sep-15    full story...