News / From: Walrus Audio
Stereo Ambient Reverb Stompbox
Walrus Audio releases Slöer with with selectable narrow, medium, and wide stereo settings

18-Jul-23    full story...

Granular Soundscape Generating Stompbox
Walrus Audio releases The Fable

07-Mar-23    full story...

MELEE: Wall Of Noise Pedal
Walrus Audio's latest offers distortion and reverb with joystick control

17-Jan-23    full story...

Walrus Audio Launches Modulation Stompbox
Mako Series M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine features six mod types

21-Jan-22    full story...

15-output Isolated Pedalboard Power Supply
Walrus Audio introduces the Phoenix clean power supply

13-Feb-15    full story...