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Two Notes Announces Jensen Speaker IRs
Jensen Presents: The 50s DynIR Cabinet Collection has 15 new guitar speaker captures

15-Mar-24    full story...

Two Notes Introduces Captor X SE
Limited run compact reactive load box and more celebrates 15 years of business

22-Sep-23    full story...

Two Notes Ships Revolt Series
ReVolt Guitar and ReVolt Bass all-analog 3-channel amp sims

05-Jan-23    full story...

NAMM 22: Two Notes Unveils GENOME
Flagship software ecosystem with guitar cab emulation and FX

03-Jun-22    full story...

Two Notes Intros All-Analog Amp Simulators
ReVolt Guitar and ReVolt Bass are 3-Channel guitar and bass amp simulators

26-May-22    full story...

Dave Friedman IR Collection For Two Notes
5 rare 4x12" cabinets with Celestion drivers recorded at Sunset Sound Studios

10-Feb-22    full story...

WNAMM12: Cab In A Box
Two Notes announces Torpedo C.A.B. – a pedalboard friendly powered digital cabinet simulator

20-Jan-12    full story...

Offer On New Guitar/Bass Channel Strip Plug-In
Buy the Two Notes Torpedo PI-101 plug-in and get a free iLok 2

23-Aug-11    full story...

Two Notes Torpedo Capture Updated
New features designed to facilitate signature guitar sound creation

20-May-11    full story...

  MESSE11: Drive your amp hard without being loud
Two Notes Engineering - Power Soak Convolution

10-Apr-11    full story...

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