News / From: MI Audio
Klon Centaur Comparison
MI Audio put it side by side with their Super Blues Pro in a new video

07-Apr-14    full story...

New Amp For Metal Rockers
MI Audio announce the Megalith Gamma

28-Nov-13    full story...

Drive Pedal That Does It All
MI Audio are now shipping the Cross Over Drive

17-Oct-13    full story...

Kit For Building A Twin Channel Overdrive Pedal Available Now
MI Audio ships their MI DIY Dual Drive Kits

04-Sep-13    full story...

Twin Channel Overdrive/Distortion In Kit Form
MI Audio to release the MI DIY Dual Drive OD Kit

21-Aug-13    full story...

WNAMM13: MI Audio Flex SmartAmp Sent Home By US Customs?
MI Audio cancel SmartAmp press conference and send it home

25-Jan-13    full story...