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Hand-Built Boutique Tube Amp Simulated
Bogren Digital launches the Ampknob MLC S_Zero 100

06-Mar-24    full story...

Plug-In Aims To Breathe Life Into Amp Sims
IRDX Core is designed to reconstruct speaker dynamics and non-linearities

10-Jan-24    full story...

Three New Bogren Digital Amp Sim Plug-Ins
Ampknob BDH: three incarnations of an era-defining high-gain tube guitar amplifier

07-Mar-23    full story...

Album-Ready Bass Amplifier Tones
Bogren Digital launches the BassKnob STD one-knob solution

30-Aug-22    full story...

One-Knob Plug-In For Album-Ready Guitars
Bogren Digital's AmpKnob RevC offers a unique approach to guitar amplifier simulation

06-May-22    full story...