News / From: Amptweaker
Fuzz Pedal With A Boost Switch
Amptweaker releases the TightFuzz Pro

19-Aug-15    full story...

Amptweaker Introduces Limited Edition Fuzz
Only 49 units of the BluesFuzz Germanium fuzz pedal to be made available

28-Nov-14    full story...

Amptweaker Introduces TightDrive Pro
2 button version of the TightDrive overdrive pedal

15-Sep-14    full story...

Two New Amptweaker Pedals
TightMetal Pro and FatRock are available for pre-order

18-Jul-13    full story...

Vintage Fuzz With Tweakability
Amptweaker announces TightFuzz is available for pre-order

02-Jul-12    full story...

New Distortion Stompbox
Amptweaker announces TightRock

01-Jul-11    full story...

Overdrive Stompbox For Bassists
Amptweaker releases the Bass TightDrive

06-May-10    full story...