Major Update For THE SCORE

Sonuscore adds features and enhancements designed to refine the music composing experience   24-May-24

Sonuscore has announced version 1.2, which they describe as a significant update to its flagship software, THE SCORE.

A spokesperson told us, "This update, driven by user feedback, introduces a series of advanced features and enhancements designed to refine the music composing experience for professionals across the industry, further empowering users to focus on creativity without the technical overhead. Some of the new features aim to give users even more control of the 'behind the scenes' technology that powers The Score."

Here's more details direct from the company..

What's New In The Update?

  • Free Mode: Use each slot as a freely playable instrument. Create your own Stories that can mimic specific articulations, ideal for grand orchestral sustains.
  • External Mode: Bypass THE SCORE's sequencer engine and play each slot on its corresponding MIDI channel from your DAW.
  • Undo/Redo: Added directly to the Play Page to support a more flexible creative process.
  • Solo/Mute Buttons are now automatable.
  • New Story Category - "Ensembles": 20 additional Stories, many of which demonstrate the full potential of the Free Mode, opening up new avenues for creativity.


Key Features Of The Score

  • Extensive Instrument Library: With 160 diverse instruments divided among categories like 46 orchestral, 37 synth, 20 band, 34 world, and 18 drums.
  • Animated Stories: 150 animated Stories enhance your creative process. Each Story features four different arrangements, providing a broad dynamic range to help you craft your unique musical narrative.
  • Innovative Power Tools: Includes tools such as Chord Studio, Melody Studio, Dynamic Mixer, and Adaptive Customizer, plus MIDI export capabilities to streamline your workflow.


Pricing and Availability:

Free Update for Existing Users
Sonuscore values its community of creators and is offering this update free of charge to all existing THE SCORE users. To access the update, users can download it from their Best Service customer account or via the Best Service update installer.

For New Customers
The updated THE SCORE is also available for purchase, ensuring that new users immediately benefit from these latest innovations. Pricing is $399.00

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