Free MIDI Tool For Ableton Live 12

Midi-2-the-max M2TM Steps can cyclically modify note attributes   17-May-24

Free MIDI Tool For Ableton Live 12

 Midi-2-the-max has announced their first MIDI Tool for Ableton Live 12. They say that M2TM Steps can cyclically modify note attributes: just set a cycle length (between 2 and 64) and use mouse button to define step values applied to clip notes. They tell us that, if there are more notes than steps, the cycle is applied repeatedly, a feature that allows to easily create intriguing melodic and rhythmic patterns. Here's more details direct from the company...

M2TM Steps can transpose notes up and down by semitones (with or without automatic scale quantization), octaves or scale intervals. You can increment or decrement velocity, or set an absolute velocity value; shift notes along the X-axis by changing their start time and duration, to "humanize" the melody or for more dramatic rhythm changes. Finally, you can change the probability of existing notes and mute/unmute them.

Each note attribute - pitch, velocity, start time, duration, probability and mute - can be modified individually. The cyclic variations let you quickly transforms melodies in subtle ways, or make them unrecognizable, depending on the cycle length and the value of the steps in the cycle defined for that attribute.

For example, you can create minor variations of an existing melody by transposing existing notes up or down by one or two scale steps, or you can create polyrithms by accenting the first and third note of a cycle of seven steps. To help you discover interesting variations, M2TM Steps lets you shuffle existing step values, randomize steps, rotate them left or right, increase or decrease them, or initialize them to a given value.

Unlike other, similar MIDI tools, M2TM allows you to precisely define the "scope" of each step, to ensure - for example - that all notes in each chord, beat and measure are transposed up or down by the same number of semitones, are accented with same velocity, are either all muted or all unmuted, and so forth.

Last but not the least, M2TM costs you nothing. It is 100% free and is *not* the crippled, "lite" version of a paid product.

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