HKA Design TR-707 ROM Expansion

8 classic drum kits in one place   22-Apr-24

Harry Axten aka HKA Design should be well konwn to you now, with his array of modifications for classic hardware units - bringint them up to date with a wealth of features. Here is his 707 modification, giving the machine 8 banks of sounds you can select, including the stock sounds from both the TR-707 and TR-727. The 8 banks included are :

  • TR-707
  • TR-727
  • TR-808
  • TR-909
  • LinnDrum
  • LM-1
  • DMX
  • TR-707 + TR-727 mix

Here's what he has to day: 

Realised I haven't done a video showing the current version of the TR-707 ROM Expansion modification - it now allows switching kits at any time while the machine is running, done by holding down the enter button and pressing one of the first 8 step buttons. This TR-707 also has the optional cymbals board installed, which allows the last two sounds (crash & ride cymbal) to change as well. More information here -

Get all the info here:

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