LNDSXPO 2024: Gamechanger Plasma Voice

And the new CV pedal format   17-Mar-24

At The London Synth and Pedal Expo, Ilja from Game Changer Audio showcased their latest release, the Plasma Voice Eurorack module.

This module boasts six voice engines, each offering a unique and dynamic sound. The Plasma Voice is the evolution of the Plasma line, which originated as a distortion pedal for guitarists.

Utilizing a step-up flyback current transformer, the Plasma Voice transforms audio signals into 3,000 volt discharges, resulting in a distinctive and electrifying sound.

With seven banks of sounds, including bass, lead, drum, and more, the Plasma Voice offers a versatile array of options for musicians seeking innovative tones.

In addition to the Plasma Voice, Game Changer Audio previewed a new pedal concept at the expo. This dual AHP foot pedal with CV capabilities allows players to control effects parameters using instrument dynamics and pitch information.

By generating control voltages based on input threshold values, users can manipulate effects like reverb and chorus in real-time. While the pedals are still in the prototype stage, Game Changer Audio plans to release them soon, with availability expected in May.

For more information on the Plasma Voice and upcoming pedal releases, visit the Game Changer Audio website.



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