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Drones for exploration and meditation   05-Mar-24

MNTRA Instruments have just announced SUR; a free drone instrument which is a precursor to an upcoming release. SUR features 16 Raga Presets and 8 Instrument Sound Sources which embody the essence of drone, designed for meditation and exploration. This is a free taster of their upcoming full portal instrument, Naada. More details on SUR here:

Derived from the sacred languages of Sanskrit and Hindi, Sur embodies the concept of expression within each musical note or tone, serving as the foundational element of the composition and performance of Indian classical music. It represents the intrinsic connection between the artist and the divine, where each note becomes a vessel for spiritual expression and aesthetic beauty.

At its core, Sur aims to offer a definitive Drone or 'Shruti' experience. Central to it are two essential instruments: the male and female Tanpuras, and the Shruti Box. The Tanpura, with its resonant strings and gourd body, serves as the grounding force in Indian classical music, enveloping listeners in a meditative aura while defining the tonal centre of a composition or improvisation, both tanpuras were custom-made for us by the renowned tanpura-luthier Naeem Sitarmaker hailing from the legendary instrument making capital of India Miraj. Additionally, the Shruti Box, an adaptation of the Harmonium, offers players the perfect tool for self-accompaniment through its relatively passive playing style and endless tones.


More information and a free download:

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