NAMM 2024: Eventide - Split EQ - Sheen Machine

Updated and new plugins from Eventide to Remove boom and add sheen to the mix   27-Jan-24

At NAMM 2024, Russ from Eventide showcased some exciting software updates and new releases. One of their popular plugins, SplitEQ, has been enhanced with two new additions. The first is DBoom, a one-knob plugin that allows users to easily reduce the boom on a track. The second is Sheen Machine, which adds vocal sheen or air without harshness. These plugins are part of Eventide's theme of structural split technology.

Another highlight from Eventide's booth was the newly released delay plugin from their brother company, Newfangled Audio. This well-designed plugin features a feedback delay that can be interacted with, giving users control and creativity. Its intuitive interface allows for quick manipulation, from cleaner echoes to echoes with character. Eventide also emphasized the importance of immersive plugins like Black Hole Immersive and Micro Pitch Immersive, both offering unique spatial effects. Although we couldn't experience them in an Atmos feed at the event, they promise to provide a beautiful sense of space. These plugins are available now, and Eventide has also updated MicroPitch and Black Hole Immersive.


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