NAMM 2024: Eventide - Omnipressor

The classic unit re-issued for Eventide's birthday   26-Jan-24

At NAMM 2023, caught up with Joe Eventide to discuss the much-anticipated 50th Anniversary reissue of the Omnipressor. Originally released in 1974, the Omnipressor was the world's first dynamic effects processor, boasting features like extreme gating, expansion, compression, limiting, and the unique Dynamic reversal. The interview delves into the historical significance of the Omnipressor, its iconic use by musicians like The Who and Brian May, and the various applications, particularly in shaping drum sounds. The representative explains the enhancements in the 50th Anniversary version, including toggle switches, parallel signal flow, and linking capabilities. 

We then heard about Eventide's announcement of the Bluetooth iPad app for the H9 Harmonizer. The app allows users to customize presets, create playlists, make expression assignments, and browse the preset library, enhancing the overall user experience. The representative emphasizes the bi-directional communication, ensuring that any changes made on the pedal reflect in the app and vice versa. The H9 Harmonizer's Bluetooth iPad app is now available for download.


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