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Kemper releases the KEMPER PROFILER Player   20-Dec-23

Kemper GmbH has announced the immediate availability of the KEMPER PROFILER Player,  which they describe as the most complete serving of professional amp tones and studio-grade FX per footprint. Here's the details in their own words...

Requiring only the floorboard space of two standard distortion pedals, the PROFILER Player turns any pedal board into an arena-grade touring rig. And, what's more, the Player indeed itself is already the arena-grade touring rig that fits in every guitar bag. It offers the full arsenal of KEMPER amp tones (yes, the Amp section of the Player sounds identical to the Amp section of its famous Big Brothers - it loads any amp Profile from the vast library of existing free and commercial Profiles), selected FX settings, IR loading, and switching capabilities - at home, in the studio, in the rehearsal room, and on stage. Made in Germany.

This is simply because the acclaimed KEMPER Profiling Technology, including the new and acclaimed Liquid Profiling tech, the unparalleled KEMPER FX, all combined with seamless switching now comes in one straightforward stomp pedal-sized package. The PROFILER Player features three freely assignable foot switches and the essential control knobs and buttons. The comfortable on-board LED system provides detailed visual feedback on the current device status at all times. For digging deeper into every aspect of the FX, enter Rig Manager, the only guitar amp control and editing solution that is available for all relevant platforms. It works on iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Kindle Fire, macOS, and Windows. All are available for free from the App Stores and the Kemper Website.

The Player offers a massive, well-curated selection of 136 different FX settings from the legendary KEMPER PROFILER FX arsenal of over 444 FX presets in total. All the important tools of the trade are just ready to be engaged with the next switch!

The Player's signal chain comprises 4 effect blocks in addition to the amplifier stack. Up to two effects can be placed "pre" the amp stack, and another two "post" the amp. The post-amp modules of the effect chain are ideal for delay and reverb effects. Both delay and reverb offer "spillover" at any time, meaning the sonic tail is not cut off when changing to another Rig.

The Player connects seamlessly to one or two KEMPER Power Cabinets, making it a combo amp solution with the „cab-in-the-room" sound.

Size does matter! Musicians need to be mobile and flexible at all times. But they also always need to be the best version of themselves in terms of musicality and tone - now it is easy because the Player is here and with you! All the time!

KEMPER PROFILER Player Features Overview

  • Fully compatible with KEMPER PROFILER Amp Rigs
  • Sturdy metal pedal housing
  • 127 dB dynamic range Guitar Input - amongst the best in the industry
  • 3 Footswitches for Rig, FX, and Performance switching (Further control units supported)
  • All Push-pots for additional second-level parameter access
  • Amp controls Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Rig Volume
  • 4 x PROFILER FX - 2 pre and 2 post amp stack
  • FX 1 and FX 2 Control and switch
  • High Power Headphone Output
  • Loads Cabinet IRs
  • Master Volume
  • Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity (Audio streaming for Spotify, etc. & ext. Control/Editing)
  • Connects to RigManager remote app on all relevant platforms
  • Supports KEMPER Kone Technology for running speaker Imprints with KEMPER Power Kabinets
  • Audio Interface 4/4 via USB
  • MIDI via USB - Supports typical USB2MIDI cables
  • Three  separate Output Groups: XLR FOH/ Studio Out, Independent 2 x 1/4" TSR Jack Stereo Monitor Out, Stereo Headphone Out
  • USB B/A for external connections (Computer, USB Stick)
  • 9V Power Supply
  • 50 Rigs on board plus access to thousands of rigs from the Factory Content/ Rig Exchange etc.
  • Editor apps for iOS, iPadOS, Android, Kindle Fire, MacOS, Windows

Pricing and Availability:
The KEMPER PROFILER Player is available for Euro/USD 698

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