HeadRush introduces ReValver 5

Latest version of the amp & effects modeling engine   06-Dec-23

HeadRush has announced the latest iteration of its ReValver series - ReValver 5. A spokesperson told us, "With over two decades of setting industry standards in realistic amp and effects modeling, this fifth generation release elevates the music creation experience, whether in a commercial studio, a home-based production hub, or live on stage."

ReValver 5 is free for life and is infinitely expandable with individual modules and bundle packs available to buy from the ReValver Amp Store. Here's more details direct from HeadRush...

Features of the New ReValver 5 Music Production Software

HeadRush Integration
In an industry first, ReValver software and HeadRush pedalboards have combined their renowned amp and effects models to offer a truly stunning array of tonal options for the player. Musicians can now recreate HeadRush presets in ReValver and utilize them in their DAWs via ReValver's VST and AU plugins. ReValver users can take their ReValver tones to the stage with the industry leading HeadRush pedalboards. The best-in-class of both studio and stage meet in HeadRush ReValver 5.

Cutting-Edge ACT (Audio Cloning Technology)™
ReValver's ACT (Audio Cloning Technology)™ not only takes ReValver's cabinet modeling and EQ matching to the next level, but it also allows the user to mold and shape the sound of the guitar itself, cloning the sound and characteristics of other instruments, such as acoustics, folk instruments, and even other electric guitar and pickup combinations.

RIR2 Cabinet Module & 3rd Party Impulse Hosting
ReValver's RIR2 cabinet module allows powerful control over the cab model's microphone type, placement, and environment. If you have go-to 3rd party cab impulse responses, load them in the RIR impulse response player module for custom tone shaping.

Official Peavey and Budda Models
ReValver 5 is proud to be the only software that offers official Peavey and Budda amp and effects models. Developed in collaboration with the original engineers, these models--including the ReValver Peavey 6505--are a faithful digital representation of the iconic amps they emulate.

3rd Party Plugin Hosting
Users can add their favorite effects and stompbox plugins, or even use 3rd party amp sim modules with ReValver's advanced cabinet modeling. When it comes to expandability, the sky's the limit with ReValver.

Unparalleled Customization with Schematic Level Editing
While many amp modeling solutions limit you to editing high-level properties, ReValver 5 gives you the power to edit at the schematic level, offering an industry-first level of tweakability.

Full MIDI Mapping & GIG Mode for Live Performances
With ReValver 5, nearly all parameters can be MIDI controlled, facilitating real-time adjustments and seamless preset switching via its revolutionary GIG Mode feature.

Minimal Requirements

  • Windows 7 or later / macOS 10.13 or later (Intel/ARM 64 CPU)
  • 64 bit CPU with SSE2
  • 2GB RAM
  • 500MB Disk Space
  • A free USB port and a USB device which to lock license or a USB device already in use (existing dongle audio interface, hard drive, etc.)



Pricing and Availability:

ReValver 5 is free for life. Expansion bundles are priced as follows:

Starter Pack $29.99 - ($19.99 promo price)

Standard $59.99 - ($39.99 promo price)

Headrush - $79.99 - ($49.99 promo price)

Producer - $129.99 - ($79.99 promo price)

Promo prices end 31st December 2023. Upgrades are available for existing ReValver 4 Producer Pack customers.

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