BOSS Announces IR-2 Amp & Cabinet Pedal

Compact stompbox features 11 Amp Types and Celestion Digital IRs   30-Nov-23

BOSS has announced the IR-2 Amp & Cabinet pedal, the latest addition to the company's long-running compact effect pedal series. They tell us that the IR-2 features 11 premium guitar amp types and cabinet IRs from Celestion Digital, giving players a powerful solution for achieving consistent, high-quality sound while performing, recording, and practicing. The IR-2 also offers wide-ranging connectivity, including a headphones output for sound monitoring and USB-C for interfacing with music production software and loading user cabinet IRs. Here's the full details direct from BOSS...

Packing the inspiring sounds of classic tube amps and mic'd speaker cabinets in a standard stompbox footprint, the IR-2 provides easy access to studio-grade tones on quiet stages, fly dates, recording gigs, and practice sessions. Backed by decades of BOSS tone expertise, every selection delivers the same expressive nuance and dynamic touch response of a real amp and cabinet. Audio quality is also top-notch, thanks to advanced DSP, 32-bit floating point processing, and a 96 kHz sampling rate.   

The IR-2 is equipped with 11 solid platforms that dish up every guitar amp flavor, from famous tube combos to vintage and modern stacks. There are several original BOSS amps as well, including a high-gain Brown type derived from the Katana series. Every amp is paired with a curated Celestion Digital IR for ready-to-play results. If desired, third-party IRs can be swapped in via the dedicated IR-2 IR Loader app.

Sound creation is fast and easy with the IR-2's intuitive interface. Familiar amp-style controls are available for gain, level, and tone-shaping, and there's an onboard Ambience effect to add natural spaciousness and depth. The player can connect their other pedals to the IR-2's input, just like they would with an amp. Using the send/return loop, it's possible to patch mod, delay, and reverb effects into the chain after the amp sounds. The TRS return jack supports stereo operation for passing the sound of stereo effects to the IR-2's audio outputs.

Along with IR loading, the USB-C connector on the IR-2 allows the player to send the sound of their complete rig directly to music recording software on a computer or mobile device. Audio can be monitored from the software through headphones, eliminating the need for a separate interface. General audio playback is supported for practice sessions, perfect for jamming with songs from a music library and following along with lessons from YouTube and other sources.

Pricing and Availability:
The new BOSS IR-2 Amp & Cabinet is available now at select authorized BOSS retailers for $199.99.

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