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Pigtronix Cosmosis features three original spaces--Theatre, Temple, and Cosmos   12-Oct-23

Pigtronix says that, years in the making and the first of its kind, Cosmosis is a stereo, high-fidelity ambient reverb that allows musicians to tailor three original spaces--Theatre, Temple, and Cosmos--as well as manipulate them in real time. They tell us that, in addition to controls for the size of the reverb, wet/dry blend, and filtering, Cosmosis features a unique Morph function that allows musicians to alter their reverb settings in real-time by pressing the left footswitch.
A spokesperson said, "The three space algorithms found inside of Cosmosis are all-original and truly unique. Theatre puts the player in a variable room that ranges from cozy to highly reflective using multiple parallel short reverberators. Temple occupies a dramatic, large indoor space by implementing numerous long reflections in both parallel and series. And Cosmos creates an enormous spectrum of heavenly reverb derived from the harmonic content it's fed."

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