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A free music playground   19-Sep-23

A new complete self-contained piece of software has just landed with a focus on jamming, live performance and improvisation - Cantor. Think of this as 8 loopers with independent track speeds, loop scratching, unlimited Undo/Redo steps, randomization, effects and more.

The software developer has clearly focused on an environment for exploration in a very accessible way, enabling you to move away from traditional DAW environments and there are certainly some very interesting approaches to both sound design and composition.

I was particularly drawn by the ability to create interesting polyrhythms using the varied quantized loop lengths to draw out the more interesting ideas.

- 32 easy to use effects to combine across 8 effect processors for never ending sonic exploration. 
- All syncronisation and quantization defined as fractions to supports Polyrhythms.
- A growing collection of in-house synths, as well as VST/AU instrument support. 
- Controls pre-mapped to computer keyboard to get you going with nothing but headphones!
- Looper with 8 tightly synchronized stereo tracks. 
- Unlimited Undo/Redo steps. 
- A/B section cross-fader.
- Quick Sampler that grabs incoming sound and maps it to your keyboard. 
- Easily adjustable loop sizes anywhere from samples to minutes.
- Resampling of entire output, or of specific tracks to record effect changes.
- Independent track speeds.
- Loop scratching.
- Beat juggling with punch-in Cue points, for all or individual tracks. 
- Side chaining between tracks.
- A single button to record entire session and name it with the current timestamp. 
- Optional multi-track recording for detailed post-processing. 
- Instantly bounce all loops at any point, to recall later, share as a sample pack, or throw into your DAW.

Cantor is completely free and financed entirely by donations!

About the author MATTHS: MATTHS makes music production videos on Youtube, releases music on bandcamp and his main website with all thinks can be found here.

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