TYMPO - Performative Drums From Teletone Audio

Get some vintage vibes drums in your Kontakt   06-Sep-23

Teletone are back with another inspired release, entitled TYMPO. This comprehensive virtual instrument for Native Instruments' free Kontakt Player is very much not your stadium drums - instead, think semi-muted, punchy, and more rounded drum kits. There are 30 of them on offer, created from over 50 vintage drum kits comprising vintage kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms, rides, crashes as well as percussive elements like tambourines, shakers, clave, snaps and claps.

Each drum in TYMPO can be individually routed to its own output bus in your DAW giving you more options and greater control in the mixing process. There are also a wide range of processing options within the instrument itself to add extra character, fatness, compression, and ducking as well as noise and degradation effects.

TYMPO also comes with a wide range of beats inspired by some of their favorite artists, decades, and styles using the built-in sequencer which they call the "Beatmaker". 


One of the aspects of this I didn't expect to see is the ability to 'bend' and manipulate beats through the use of the Pitch and Mod Wheel through the real time application of time stretch, pitch shifting, and time-manipulation which enables you to take your drums into a whole other realm.

More info: https://teletoneaudio.com/products/tympo


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