New TONEX Tone Partner Collections

IK Multimedia expands the number of Tone Models avaialble for the TONEX ecosystem   25-Aug-23

New TONEX Tone Partner Collections

IK Multimedia has released 33 new TONEX Tone Partner Collections available now on ToneNET to demo and purchase. They tell us that this brings the total to 138 collections and represents over 2,200 curated Tone Models for users to play across the entire TONEX ecosystem, including live on stage with TONEX Pedal. Here's the details direct from IK Multimedia...

Tone Models are IK's ultra-accurate AI Machine Modeling™ recreations of iconic guitar amps and effects, connecting users to an endless stream of the most sought-after guitar gear, captured by today's top tone designers and fellow users with over 17,000 Tone Models now on ToneNET.

New Partners
Tone Partners are active creators who regularly add new collections to the store on a monthly basis. With today's release, 4 new Tone Partners are joining the TONEX marketplace: Claudio Pietronik (2 collections), HawkesTone (6 collections), Juca Nery (1 collection) and Tone Factor (6 collections).

Newly Added Collections
Other Tone Partners presenting new collections for guitar and bass include the following: The Studio Rats (5 new collections), IP Sound (1 new collection), Jason Sadites (2 new collections), Live Ready Sound (3 new collections), Mad Steex (2 new collections) and Matt Fig (4 new collections).

A Sonic Well of Inspiration
Each collection is meticulously captured to each Tone Partner's specifications with their preferred settings, mics, outboard gear and cabinets using TONEX's award-winning AI Machine Modeling technology. Users will find incredibly realistic captures of amps from vintage to boutique to modern high-gain, plus classic and modified preamps, pedals and everything in between. Many collections also offer amp-only DI captures so users can add their favorite cabinet IRs or IK's VIR Cab technology.

Free Trials and Tone Models
Users can demo any Tone Partner Collection before purchase plus there are over 139 free Tone Models derived from these collections that every TONEX hardware or software user can download and use just like any TONEX Tone Model to record, play or practice.

Instant Access
Tone Partner Collections can be browsed and purchased via ToneNET, IK's online tone-sharing and social platform, or within any version of TONEX Mac/PC including the free TONEX CS. After purchase, Tone Partner Collections become activated inside TONEX software by selecting "Restore Purchases" in the Account panel, which instantly downloads all collection Tone Models to the user's local library ready to play.

For AmpliTube Too
Tone Partner Tone Models work seamlessly inside AmpliTube 5. The TONEX amplifier and pedal gear models function just like other AmpliTube amps and pedals. They can be used together to build custom signal chains and save as presets for easy recall. The combination of TONEX and AmpliTube 5 represents the most advanced tone powerhouse on the planet today.

Best of all, AmpliTube 5 presets created using Tone Models can now be uploaded to ToneNET's preset sharing section. Tone Partners and users alike can combine their favorite Tone Models with all of AmpliTube 5's hundreds of stompboxes, cabs, mics, rack FX and more to craft complete rigs and share them with their fellow users around the world.

Pricing and Availability:
TONEX Tone Partner Collections are available now to browse and purchase via ToneNET and within any version of TONEX for Mac/PC starting at just $/€6.99.*

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