Sound Dust Releases Plankton Sonar

Kontakt device for looping, colliding and generating harmonized polyrhythms   01-Aug-23

Sound Dust says that Plankton Sonar is a friendly Kontakt device for building beautiful, organic system music and deep undersea pinging ripples.

A spokesperson told us, "Like a warm ocean of diaphanous Crustacea, looping, colliding and generating harmonized polyrhythms PLANKTON SONAR is easy to use (once you get your head around it) and a quick way of creating gorgeous and unexpected results. Multiple sound sources, amorphous sequencers, cunning algorithms and a unique pitch/scale quantizer."

  • A complex multi sequencer per note
  • 5 FX sequencer lanes per note
  • Selectable sound per note (sine, EP, sponge piano, metal, glass, Hammond)
  • 2 round robin modes to cycle between different sounds + dropout seeding
  • Scale and key quantizer with unique quantized pitch wheel
  • 11 algorithmic playback engines on 72 keys
  • Hard to explain - intuitive to use
  • for FULL version of Kontakt 5.8 and above

Pricing and Availability:
£37.50 until August 8th (Regular price: £50)

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