Expression Pedal With CV Output

Mission Engineering launches the EarthQuaker Devices Expression Pedal EQD-1   25-Jul-23

Expression Pedal With CV Output

 EarthQuaker Devices has announced that Mission Engineering is creating an EarthQuaker Devices Expression Pedal, the EQD-1. They tell us that EarthQuaker Devices has worked closely with Mission Engineering to develop this expression pedal built to President and Product Designer Jamie Stillman's exact specs. The EQD-1 will be sold by Mission Engineering. Here's the details that they have supplied...

The EQD-1 has selectable outputs to work with all EarthQuaker Devices, and many non-EarthQuaker pedals too. The 25K output is perfect for the Sunn O))) Life Pedal, Avalanche Run and Rainbow Machine. It can also be used with many other brands of effects pedals, MIDI controllers and keyboards. Select the 100K output for effects such as the Hummingbird that work best with a higher resistance expression pedal.

The EQD-1 also has a +5V CV output, perfect for the Afterneath Eurorack Module, as well as other products that support CV such as keyboards, synthesizers and Eurorack modules.


  • Pedal Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs.
  • Power: 9V DC center pin negative, 30 mA
  • Output 1: Selectable 25K or 100K TRS tip to wiper
  • Output 2: +5V CV

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