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DAW designed to designed to work with hardware music studio gear reaches version 1.2   21-Jun-23

Decyne4 tells us that they have updated Precyne to version 1.2. Here's the story in their own words...

Precyne is a digital audio workstation software. Unlike many other DAW software on the market, Precyne has been designed to work with hardware music studio gear instead of trying to replace it. It has been designed from the ground up to be used with all your hardware synthesizers, drum machines, groove boxes, samplers, and effects units. Hardware and software workflows are merged seamlessly with attention to detail in how people use their hardware while making music in real life.

Precyne combines tracker-style sequencing with modern arrangement tools, such as a linear timeline view of your song and a MIDI clip launcher.

New in Precyne version 1.2 is a tightly integrated sampler that is designed for sampling all your audio sources quickly and easily, instead of only playing back ready made samples. The sampler is packed with sound synthesis power, essentially turning it into a capable synthesizer with a sampling oscillator.

Precyne's sampler includes:
- 3 multi-mode filters, two of which are analog modelled
- 4 envelopes
- 4 LFOs with speeds that reach higher audio rates

Each LFO can be separately synchronized to your song's play position or restarted when notes are triggered. MIDI clips can be used to modulate most sound parameters. Together these features allow you to create tightly controlled and precise modulations to your sounds.

Precyne's sampler let's you play and record audio at the same time. This feature lets you quickly and easily bounce your samples through your external audio gear, or simply record your sampler's own performance for further processing using its filters and modulations.

Precyne version 1.2 now includes streaming of your audio channels into audio files. This feature is for all those frequently occurring situations when you want to test and record your ideas, so you can listen later what you came up with. Now you can play with your keyboards for minutes or even hours, multitrack recording everything without the need to dedicate a new project or parts of your current project for long audio takes.

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