Superbooth 2023: Dreadbox - Telepathy

New full voice synth modules that you can chain together   11-May-23

At Superbooth 2023, Sonic State met with Orfeas from Dreadbox to discuss the latest product, Telepathy, a full voice analogue synthesizer module with up to 16 presets. The module consists of one oscillator, with square wave, pulse width, sub, and noise. The oscillator and noise have independent level controls, and on the digital side, there are two envelopes, one for the filter and one for the VCA, along with an LFO that can be patched to various inputs.

Telepathy also has a low pass and high pass filter, and a VCA that can be controlled independently. Up to eight modules can be chained together, and all of the parameters can be linked together to create a complete sound or users can control each module independently to create a multi-timbral sound. Orfeas also mentions a new module, the six-channel mixer, which has a spread control mode and a slider to control it from stereo to mono and inverse.

Telepathy Available: June 2023

Price: 299 Euros

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