Softube Take On the Classic P5 With Their Model 80

Plug-in and modules   02-May-23

Swedish music software developer, Softube, has launched the Model 80 Five Voice synthesizer. The synth, which emulates the classic analogue of  Sequential's Prophet 5, comes with original presets as well as velocity and aftertouch modulation, voice pan spread and a quantized filter cutoff.

Although they dont release a lot of synths, the ones they do are are respected, with the Model 72 considered one of the best R.A. Minimoog emulations. 

The software also offers corresponding modules for use in Softube's Modular platform, enabling users to mix and match modules from the Softube range.

Softube's Model 80 Five Voice synthesizer is currently priced at $99 USD until June 2nd, when it will revert to $159 USD.

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