NAMM 2023: Death By Audio - Disturbance

US Filter flanger and phaser in a pedal that's designed to go beyond the norms      18/04/23

Oliver Ackermann from Death By Audio showcased their latest pedal, Disturbance, at NAMM 2023. The pedal is a filter, flanger, and phaser and it's focussed on being super intense. The Death By Audio style is all about creating effects that go beyond the usual limits, and the team spent a long time designing Disturbance to achieve this. The pedal has a plus and minus intensity feature, allowing users to create two variations of the filter flanger and phaser to take the sound into some pretty wild territory.

The pedal is also unique in that it provides CV out from the LFO, and gives the ability to freeze and unfreeze the LFO too.

Available May 25th 2023

Price 250 USD

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