Ableton Beta 11.3 Adds New Synth - Drift

And more MPE   07-Apr-23

Ableton have released the latest Live Beta 11.3 to the public. It adds a new synth instrument called Drift which is MPE compatible, in fact Ableton are pushing the MPE features across Analog, Collisioon, Electric and Tension too - so its clear they are fully behind it.

The above video is from Seed To Stage  - he takes a look at the new Drift instrument

Drift is a characterful MPE-capable device capable of a wide variety of sounds from every era of modern music.

Its minimal layout and interactive controls make adjusting the sound easy for musicians new to synthesis, while still giving even experienced sound designers a broad sonic palette.

Inspired by classic hardware but borrowing heavily from modern synths and Eurorack modules, Drift has been carefully tuned by ear to deliver great sound at any setting, quickly and easily.

MPE is the main update here:

Many features in Live 11 have now been updated to support MPE:

  • The MPE Control device now has added functionality, an updated UI and reduced CPU load.

  • Note Echo now supports MPE with feedback controls for each dimension. This offers a creative way for MPE modulation to change over time.

  • An updated Core Library with expressive content is available in 11.3.1.
    Live 11.3 is now in public beta. If you own a Live 11 license, you can test Live 11.3

- join the beta program
For a full list of what's new, read the release notes

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