Softube Releases Bus Processor

Musical glue for your mix   28-Mar-23

Softube has released Bus Processor. A spokesperson told us, "This is not another classic compressor from the '80s. It's more."

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Bus Processor is ultramodern algorithms, compression, saturation, sidechain, spatialization, and more. The go-to processor for every bus, Bus Processor supplies musical glue that makes your mix sound like a record and can turn any sound source from clean and transparent to rich and colorful.

Bus Processor is an elegant solution for smooth-sounding bus processing. Skip the plug-in pile-on with a glue compressor to keep it all together.

Bus Processor Features:

  • A modern bus compressor & saturator that provides musical glue for all buses
  • Featuring compression, saturation, sidechain, spatialization with an air filter, stereo widening, a mono bass filter, and more
  • Total control of complex processes and advanced features with an intuitive, easy-to-use layout
  • Use the compressor in the compressor section and the saturator in the output drive section of Console 1

Pricing and Availability:

$99 USD ($149 USD intro price until April 28th, 2023)

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