New Version Of J.Rockett Archer

The Archer Select Boost/Overdrive features 7 different clipping diode options   28-Mar-23

New Version Of J.Rockett Archer

J. Rockett tells us that the original (silver) Archer and Archer Ikon have been the two most popular models in their line-up for years, so the new Archer Select is a major release for the Rockett Team. This is what they have to say about it...

The Archer Select is a uniquely functioning Boost/Overdrive. Over the years of K style pedals people have sworn by the influence of the proper NOS germanium clipping diodes in order for this particular design to be accurate to the original. There is so much speculation on the internet and certainly misleading information by the original designer. We decided to let your ears be the determining factor and to provide the ability for you to easily switch between 7 different clipping diode options!

If you simply leave the clipping diode foot switch off it defaults to the stock diodes (OA10's). With the clipping dial you can choose between 6 additional clipping diodes. Depending on which diodes you have the selector knob on you can A/B between the stock diodes and the selected diodes. Diodes range from lowest output to highest output when turning clockwise.

Since all but the LED's are NOS germanium diodes, availability can and will most likely change in the future. For now there is a healthy supply.

Key Features:

  • Switch between 7 different clipping diode options
  • Carefully selected NOS germanium diodes (except of Red LEDs):
    • OA10
    • 1N270
    • 1N695
    • 1N34A
    • D9B
    • D9E
    • Red LEDs
  • Built-in DI Output with Speaker Simulation and Ground Lift Switch
  • Steel enclosure, built like a tank
  • Hand-made in California, USA

Pricing and Availability:
 399 EUR / 349 GBP

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