Behringer Ships Solina String Synth

New models have started shipping from the factory   06-Mar-23

Behringer tells us that they have started shipping their Solina String Ensemble, although it looks like it's not in full production yet. A spokesperson said, "It took a long time, but we're finally getting there. Please keep in mind, that it'll take a bit time to reach your studio, as we're just shipping from the factory and we have massive back orders."

This is what they have to say about it...

SOLINA faithfully delivers the classic string machine sound that we all know and love.

By staying loyal to its unique circuitry, our Engineers have not only managed to deliver the purest revival of SOLINA, but also by including highly demanded features including a built-in phaser (based on the classic 1970s Small-Stone), External Modulation/Patching connectivity, 5-Pin, and USB MIDI, all whilst in a form factor that works within modern-day setups.

There is truly nothing else on the market today that comes close to the character of this extremely sought-after instrument. We are extremely proud to soon open the experience of SOLINA to you all, once we have the required chips to put it into full-scale production.

Pricing and Availability:
Estimated Price - $359 USD

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